Frequently Asked Questions - Texas

Q: What will make us start selling more gas in Texas?

A: We have over 25 years’ expertise and relationships in Texas, but we need more customers that want us to provide service.

Q: Where do you currently selling natural gas?

A: Centerpoint Energy, Atmos and Oneok WestTexas

Q: What is the Transportation Service?

A: Transportation service allows qualified customers to purchase gas directly from a lower cost provider and elect to have CenterPoint transport gas to them. OKES, on your behalf, will manage the transportation service and sell gas directly to you.

Q: How do I know if I qualify?

A: All non residential customers who use over 3,650 dekatherms (Dth) in a one year period may qualify for this service. If your annual gas consumption is greater than 3650 Dth, you qualify.

Q: What will CenterPoint think about me switching sources of supply?

A: CenterPoint is in the business of delivery of gas, not gas sales. CenterPoint not only allows customers to participate, they encourage it and provide an eligible customer list.

Q: If I switch from CenterPoint, will I ever be able to go back?

A: It is possible to return to CenterPoint after a year. However, once you begin saving on your utility bills, you won’t want to go back!

Q: How do I establish the transportation service?

A: Transportation service with CenterPoint is regulated by the Texas Railroad Commission and is initiated by completing CenterPoint Transportation forms. OKES will act as your agent and bill you directly for the CenterPoint fees.

Q: If my company chooses to purchase gas from OKES, what certainty do I have that gas deliveries will not be interrupted?

A: If for some unforeseen reason, OKES was unable to deliver gas to CenterPoint, you would still receive gas from CenterPoint system gas. In the event of a pipeline catastrophe, CenterPoint, as transporter, has a pre-determined priority for delivery to customers. However, at no time in the past has CenterPoint failed to deliver gas to any customer.

Q: How can OKES’s price be lower than what CenterPoint charges?

A: In addition to the cost of gas, CenterPoint’s bill includes charges for things such as reservation fees, capacity fees, and storage costs. This increases CenterPoint’s total costs while OKES is able to purchase gas supplies at current market prices.

Q: How will OKES deliver gas to my facility?

A: The physical delivery of gas will not change.

Q: If I smell gas, who should I call?

A: CenterPoint will continue to provide service for any issues regarding the delivery of gas.

Q: What will it cost to participate in the Choice Program?

A: CenterPoint will charge the OKES for transportation services and OKES will pass along those fees plus the gas supply cost including OKES’s marketing fee. CenterPoint will charge a metering fee (typically $15.00 per month) to that will send your daily usage to OKES.