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Independently owned and operated since 2005 Oklahoma Energy Source has been providing integrated natural gas services from the City Gate to the Burner tip by securing wholesale natural gas on the Interstate and Intrastate pipelines. The integrated approach allows for Oklahoma Energy Source to move wholesale natural gas to retail customers by providing supply aggregation service to the ultimate consumer.

Why ?

We believe that long-term relationships with our valued customers will lead to lowering your cost of natural gas through meeting your needs; understanding the dynamic market place and executing prudent natural gas strategies.

Our measurement of success is retaining and expanding our customer base while achieving reasonable returns.

Will you allow us to be your partner of choice?


We have been very pleased with OKES’ performance to deliver firm and reliable natural gas. OKES has saved our dry cleaning and laundry operations a great deal of money over the years since we switched from ONG.
~ Tom Keenze, Co-Owner

Bartlesville Public Schools has contracted since 2009 with Oklahoma Energy Source to serve as its third party natural gas supplier. We have enjoyed the association and savings throughout the years this program provides in lowering energy costs in order to stretch our educational dollars. The savings provided through this program allows schools to put more money in the classroom and better educate today’s students to meet the future needs of this great state and nation. I would encourage anyone considering purchasing natural gas from a third party to consider OKES as a viable provider of this program and enjoy the positive relationships and financial savings established among customers.
~ Tim Green

In my experience, price differential between competing suppliers has been relatively negligible. Where OKES stands apart from the other suppliers from whom we have purchased natural gas is the manner in which you conduct business. To an end-user with little knowledge of the inner workings of the energy industry, the pricing structures and contract intricacies of our previous third-party suppliers have often seemed confusing and designed with the company’s, not the customer’s, best interests in mind. Our agreement with OKES, on the other hand, is transparent and straight forward. I have been particularly impressed with the time and effort that you have taken to ensure that all of my questions were answered prior to entering into our agreement.
~ Jason Fiscus

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